Mini Lemon Tarts

Mini Lemon Tarts These lemon tarts are classic, yet better! These are little lemon tarts of heaven, they are most refreshing, smoothest, rich so easy to make! This particular recipe is adapted from It has a rich, flakey, buttery crust which takes hardly 5 […]

Strawberry Pudding Trifle

Strawberry Pudding Trifle Strawberry Pudding Trifle is one the easiest delicious desserts to make. If you have been following me for sometime now, you must know about the Instant Pudding Mix that I discovered from the great treasures of internet. It is actually by Laura […]

Strawberry (licious) Recipes

Strawberry Recipes Strawberry Recipes before the season ends! Its one of the most picturesque fruits ever which I why it features more than any other fruit in my recipes! Also my daughter is absolutely in love with them, so there is never ending demand! So […]

Olive Bread

Olive Bread This Olive Bread is one of my favourite breads! I love making breads at home as much as I love eating them! There are just a few basic techniques and once you master them, you’d never eat a store-bought bread ever again! To […]

Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

Strawberry Oatmeal Bars These Strawberry and Oatmeal Bars have  the goodness of fresh strawberries with a hint of lime, deep flavour from whole wheat flour and chewyness of oatmeal! Do you need any more convincing?? Most of the recipes we come across are made with […]

Strawberry and Chia Seed Porridge

Strawberry and Chia Seed Porridge It’s strawberry season and I like to add them to almost everything I make while they last and hence this recipe. It’s an old school broken rice or daliya Porridge but with a modern twist to make it even healthier. […]

Baked Olive French Toast

Baked Olive French Toast These Baked Olive French Toast checks all the boxes for a perfect breakfast! We all love a quick breakfast especially on weekdays. This is perfect for your busy and even not so busy mornings! Made with leftover bread, it’s quick to […]

Eggless Whole Wheat Cake with Walnuts and Dates

Eggless Whole Wheat Cake with Walnuts and Dates This Eggless Whole Wheat Cake is not only that, it’s free from refined sugar and butter! A wholesome cake is finally here! Though it’s eggless, the texture is like a perfect cake, it’s perfectly moist and spongy! […]

Strawberry Pie

Strawberry Pie This Strawberry Pie recipe is the only you’ll ever make, because it is so easy and delicious, fuss and hassle free! Takes hardly 20 mins to prepare. The foolproof method is going to yield a beautiful, and delectable pie every single time. The […]

Easy Strawberry Lassi

Easy Strawberry Lassi This Easy Strawberry Lassi is so heavenly, it tastes exactly like strawberry flavoured Greek Yogurt! It takes barely 5 mins to make, and given that the markets are flooded with strawberries these days it a super nutritious meal! Yes meal! It’s as […]