Easy Chicken Recipes

Easy Chicken Recipes

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner – Easy Chicken Recipes

Hey guys! This post is wholly dedicated to Chicken Recipes! What is the best way to eat your chicken? If only there was one! Chicken is one of the most convienient ingredients to use! It’s pretty versatile can be used in numerous ways. You can simply boil the chicken, keep the boiled chicken and the stock for thousands of recipes and it will taste delicious AF every single time! So here are all the chicken recipes on my blog in one post! Check ’em out!


Chicken Patty Burger

If you love a good saucy, juicy burger (who wouldn’t?) and if you knew how easy it is to pull it off, you’d make it every other day! So I am here with really easy but delicious chicken patties recipe and an even easier burger recipe for that guilty pleasure we all know we want!

So click here to find out how to make these babies!





Healthy Creamy Lemon Chicken Bake with Mushrooms

This recipe is a healthy version of the infamous creamy chicken and with mushrooms. I have made this using my healthy white sauce which I make using a tiny bit amount of ground oats.

Serve warm and it’s as good as Alfredo! Just tap on the Image or the Title to view the recipe!








Easy Chicken Kofta Wrap

These koftey are made using minced chicken, are easily cooked, and hardly involve any prep work all! Its the easiest but also delicious way to make chicken koftey! The tortilla is a whole wheat chapati and with your favorite sauce/dip, it’s one of the healthiest meals you’d have!

So tap on the image or the Title and start working on the recipe!




Chicken Quiche

Start your day off with these easy to make Chicken Quiche! Great for breakfast! A grab&go power meal!

The crust or shell is flakey, buttery and crisp. the cheezy filling is hard to resist! Also its lunch box friendly! So make these for yourself and your loved ones!






Crispy Fried Chicken

These crispy fried chicken wings are so juicy and tender and totally crispy on the outside! It is so much better than KFC! Also it’s pretty simple and can be kept frozen up to 1 week! To make, just toss them into hot oil straight from the freezer and voila!





Breakfast chicken and Veggie Muffins


These muffins are super easy and healthy and tasty! Made with oatmeal and olive oil, they are super moist because of the addition of buttermilk and the chicken and veggies make them really filling! Plus all packed in a muffin! The perfect breakfast on the go!



Hot & Sweet Crispy Chicken

We all love a nice crispy chicken! Paired with an awesome sauce is the perfect meal! So here I have really easy Hot & Sweet Crispy Chicken! It starts with a flavorful marinade, then the perfect coating for the perfectly crispy exterior and then a very simple and quick hot and sweet sauce with ingredients easily available at home. All these steps yield to the perfect Chicken!




Tandoori Chicken Cups

These Tandoori Chicken Cups will sure make it to the first few of the list! Simple marination using simple spices easily available at home. Some veggies and cheese, and all loaded in a crispy flakes cup! This can never go wrong!!







Dragon Chicken

Dragon Chicken Restaurant-style Dragon Chicken is so easy to make that you’re going to make this every single day!! This is a quick and easy recipe but lip-smackingly delicious, made with easily available ingredients and no fuss!




Honey Lemon Chicken

Honey Lemon Chicken is one of the most popular forms of fried chicken eaten these days. Who knew it could be so easy to make it at home? Just follow these very simple steps and you will have the restaurant-style Honey Lemon Chicken on your table in no time!!








Chicken Nuggets

These Chicken Nuggets taste the same as the store-bought one, they are easy, make-ahead and you can freeze them up to a month, and whenever you want to use, you can toss them in hot oil and they’ll be as good as new!





Creamy Lemon Coriander Chicken Tacos

These creamy lemon coriander chicken tacos are as the name suggests, all good things in one! They are absolutely creamy, with a freshness of lemon and coriander! Plus it is absolutely easy to make! I have made everything from scratch, from the softshells to the chicken to the amazing original and classic salsa (a recipe I got from Laura Vitale which can never go wrong!) And everything is made from ingredients easily available at home!!






Peanuts & Sesame Chicken

This Sesame and Peanuts Chicken will be your new favorite I guarantee!! It’s healthy, made in a teaspoon of oil, has amazing flavors from peanuts and sesame and garlic and so easy and quick to make! I use sesame seed oil, for the flavor and also because its one the healthiest oil we know! Pair this up with plain Brown Rice and blanched French beans or simply with a slice of your sourdough!

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